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Dexiang and eco-friendly sports products developing together in SFE016!

2016-12-05 10:03:33 Source: DX


    The 3-day 2016 Shanghai International Sports Venues and Facilities Exhibition (SFE2016) will be held in the China Shanghai New International Expo Center from December 1st to 3rd . This is a display of sports products and facilities of the venue, is a promotion communication platform. As the official partner of the Olympic Council of Asia and the exclusive supplier of rubber track and artificial turf products, DeXiang, dedicated to the manufacture of green rubber track products, has been invited to participate in this exhibition (Booth No. W3-E67).During the exhibition, DeXiang shows the EPDM prefabricated rubber track, multi-functional flooring membrane, EPDM rubber particles, EPDM filled granules and artificial grass and other series of environmental health products to the visitors to help them know more about Dexiang's track products. At the same time, Dexiang spreads the concept of environmental health to every one concerned about the sports venues and facilities construction.

    With the upsurge of the fitness movement, accelerating the development of the sports industry has become a new growth point of the national economy. Based on the background of the popular movement, the sports ground facilities have become the biggest demand. In this opportunity, the 2016 Shanghai International Sports Venues and Facilities Exhibition provides a product display and promoting communication platform for the sports-related businesses, to help the sports industry developing rapidly. In this exhibition, the number of exhibitors reached a record high of more than 700, the visitors reach 40,000. The large-scale exhibition area and a variety of sports products provided the exhibitors and professional visitors more communication opportunities.

    Sports venues and facilities construction, especially the runway construction has attracted the attention of all society in the past two years, this concern is largely due to "toxic runway", and People's consciousness of eco-friendly track is gradually strengthened. As a supplier of environmentally friendly rubber track products, Dexiang attends this exhibition is not only because of the scale of the 2016 Shanghai International Sports Venues and Facilities Exhibition and the attention from the same industry and professional visitors from different countries and regions, but also because The exhibition provides a exchanging platform. In the process of communication with the visiors, the product manager fully demonstrated the high quality of Dexiang products, and received a high evaluation. Getting praise of the product physical properties and chemical content and even color is undoubtedly the greatest support and encouragement of Dexiang.

    Dexiang has been committed to the production of environmentally friendly rubber runway products. In this exhibition, more people know Dexiang and the excellent products of Dexiang, and the society knows Dexiang insists the "health and environmental protection products" line to be a customer and social responsible enterprise.  We also hope that there are more "green enterprises" in the sports venues Facilities construction industry develop with Dexiang in the future!